Wind Power

Wind energy counts among the most popular renewable energy sources. Especially in the coast area or on free areas, a high energy revenue can be realized by “Wind parcs”. Through the concentration of several plants, the maintenance, grid connection and power input is simplified. Thus, the operator costs also decrease.

Nowadays, off-shore plants are used often because there is more space and a high wind speed on the sea.

We are globally active in the area of wind power. Our portfolio on new plants contains 3kW, 5kW, 10kW, 20kW and 30kW. You can order used plants from 130 kW until 2,00 MW.

We can also offer you complete wind parcs. Hereto belongs the destruction of plants, the transport as well as the construction and the junction of the plant in the destination.

We gladly overtake the organisational activities for you like the obtaining of permissions, the planning works for permissions and the project management.

In advance, we gladly inform you about the possibilities of the extraction of wind energy as well as feed-in compensations which exist in almost all European countries.

We have contacts to different suppliers so that we can send you an offer that completely fit to your desires.