Solar thermal engineering

Heating drinking water is by far the most common application for solar thermal plants. We plan, build and supply solar plants for heating drinking water and gladly give you further information about this topic.
Our system with thermosyphon circulation

Since warm water has a lower specific weight than cold water, it rises on heating in the collector and the piping and flows to a storage tank at a higher level while at the same time the cooled water flows from the storage tank back to the collector. The circulation speed is determined by the difference in temperature between the collector and the storage tank.

The circulation is almost completely self-contained. As well the solar circulation occurs without pump, external energy or steering elements. For this reason, thermosyphon circulation is often used where small, simple systems are desired or where a national grid is not available.

In comparison with a  „standard solar installation“, our system convinces through lower costs (pump and regulation are not needed) and easy installation (manometers and valves are superfluous).

Areas of Use

We install these systems in the Mediterranean and Caribbean regions.

The systems are built and delivered with a tank volume of 100-300 litres. Because of the pressure of weight on the roof, themosyphon systems are usually small installations with a collector area of up to 10 m².