Why roof area or property leasing?

You can lease your roof/ base for solar, similar as letting a house. Investors look for suitable areas to install a photovoltaic system. Through the Law EEG (= law of Renewable Energies“), the injected power will definitely be produced for the period of 20 years, plus the year of connection. Over this term, you will get a contractually fixed rent.


Advantages of leasing

  • Additional revenues for surfaces not used yet.
  • Safe returns guaranteed by the “EEG” (=Law of Renewable Energies) for 20 years plus the following year the opportunity of takeover of the pv plant after expiration of the contract, hereby long-term revenues by your own pv power plant.

Your contribution for climate protection, roof protection through pv modules, no obligation of own capital

The sites should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Min. size: 3 hectares
  • South-exposed hillside or smooth surface


Preferably sealed surfaces in commercial, industrial or special zones and conversion zones (for example: mine dumps, former zones of surface mining, military training areas, ammunition dumps, closed airports). Surfaces along the rail tracks or “BAB” (110 m – corridor, preferably in the South of train paths) purchase of site or site rent are possible

The roof surfaces should fulfil the following criteria:

New build or reconstruction within the last 5 years, good shape of the roofing. No, resp. minimum shadowing through trees or surrounded built-up, roof statics and p.r.n. roof insulation. They have to gain an increased loading through the pv installation. The minimum size for roof areas should be 200 square meters.

Roof orientation:

The highest revenue can be realized if the plant is installed to the South (180° S). But your roof surface can drift in the orientation towards southeast. In case of southwest orientation, the slant of 12° should not be exceeded.


A contractual and registered coverage for over 20 years is possible.

As property owner, you can profit from regular lease income or sales revenue. As farmer, it is possible to undertake the cultivation of green areas within a solar park. To that, you have got the change to support the development for a lasting energy supply.

Each roof is different. For the roof leasing, your flat roof should present an orientation of 0° until 10°. Your sloping roof should be inclined between 10° and 48°.