The use of solar energy is an environmentally friendly option of energy supply. Together with you, we would like to contribute that the resources of our planet are saved. We plan and construct our photovoltaic plants on small private roofs as well as on big open spaces. Thereby, we are internationally active and realize also big projects in Germany and abroad.

It is important for us that our clients are glad and that their requests are recognized. You fix the amount of our services. For example, we can supply you as well with particular components like poly silicon, ingots, wafers, solar cells, modules or inverters. Already existing plants can be cleaned or repaired by us.

In addition, we inform you about suitable financial concepts and potential incentive measures.


Who can not provide a suitable area for a photovoltaic plant but however wants to invest in an ecologically worthwhile future technique, can do this over a so-called operator-community. Here, several persons operate and finance together a photovoltaic plant.