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Vision: efficient, clean photovoltaics as a key energy source for the future

Our planet's energy source is the sun. It is an inexhaustible source of energy for everyone – reliable, free and direct. Photovoltaics enables the sun's energy to be converted cleanly, reliably and sustainably into electrical energy.

Through innovation and growth, AVANCIS is driving down the costs of solar technology to a level way below that of conventional energy, and thus speeding up the changeover to a global energy supply based on photovoltaic technology.



First class, environmentally friendly solutions - the use of the infinite sun light.

Jetion Solar is a global company in the field of solar technologies. We provide our customers with sustainable solutions - from highly efficient solar cells to high-quality modules and solar power plants.

We stand for innovation, passion and many years of experience. That makes us a reliable, internationally acknowledged partner.