Photovoltaic - a very attractive investment

Lasting, future-oriented, true yield

Solar power is a strong growing, permanent feature of the German and international power supply. Until 2020, already 20 % of electricity requirement will be produced by renewable energies only in Germany. Energy that even investors know how to be used!

With the introduction of the law EEG (renewable energies), the German market has developed itself rapidly. Meanwhile, the industry has established itself to an essential industrial sector. Steady, the photovoltaic market has unmodified got potential for the whole economy and the financial sector.

Photovoltaic is one of the best investments

The governmental feed-in compensation, detailed estimation revenues as well as reliable technology enable the solid calculation of earning power.  Mola Solar Systems supports you in all stages of the successful investment, this goes from the searching of a suitable site until a finished installation of your pv plant. For the construction of pv plants, we use our long-term experience through detailed planning for your pv plant and our own solar experts and skilled employees who chose the most optimum and matured components for your investment.  By this way, you can be sure that the plant built by us as general operator works technically in a proper way.  The planned return on investment can be achieved over decades. We would like to advise you personally so that we can show you the appropriate investment structure.


This area covers: Site-Searching and evaluation are made because of the investments intended.  Technical conception, calculation of the fixed power revenue and calculation of overall return on your investment.

The offer

We build turn-key. This means for you that all services and works are included in the offer. We exclusively use approved components and equipment which are certified and offer appropriate guaranties of leading forwarders. Our offer includes the whole maintenance works through our experts and we raise a detailed calculation of profitability for you for the period of plant .

Financing stage

By request, we support you to find an external financing; your natural capacity is to be used optimally! As long as desired, we would be pleased to help you when it comes to choosing the insurance necessary.

Construction stage

Complete assembly, which means under-construction and module assembly as well as execution of all electrical works (in dependence of the distance to the next feed-in point-  to  grid); connection to  the grid and handover of pv plant to the investor.

Operational period/monitoring of plant

From the beginning of power supply, professional monitoring of the plant is made.  A maintenance contract is drafted by our skilled employees, guarantee services are also included.

Industrial- and agricultural buildings are perfect locations for PV Systems