How big can a pv plant be?

When the question arises “How big can a pv plant be built”, the answer in this case is just: The sky is the limit!  A module surface of 6-8 m² corresponds a performance of a plant of 1 kWp (kilowatt=peak= excellent performance), which produces electricity as  south focus and module decline between 800 kWh and about 1.000 kWh per year. Who wants to install his/her own pv plant on the rooftop for long-term production of electricity, can calculate that. The average power usage per year in a household of four persons amounts to environ 3.500 kWh.

This electricity requirement can be covered with a plant of 4,5 kWp (environ 30 – 35 m²). In this case, it is to be considered that the electricity requirement is all year constant but the production in the winter months is clearly smaller compared with the summer months.

Last update on 2012-08-09 by Michael.

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