Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles create remedy. A constant improving technology and the usual comfort of modern vehicles inspire a bigger getting group of people. Even the fast growing cruising radius of vehicles has increased so that the concern of many reviewers is baseless. Vehicles are part of everyday life. Everyone wants mobility and can often not dispense with car or motorcycle. But however, it is known that the use of them is not that environmentally friendly.

We see the future in electric mobility and offer our clients those vehicles Recharging batteries of these vehicles is possible with special Carport charging stations; on which roof is a PV plant. Through that, it is guaranteed that we can offer you an absolutely environmentally friendly driving pleasure.

Here are also further points about why choosing an electric vehicle anyway?

Normally: low maintenance and repair costs because of availability of principally less components as on a traditional car

- Most of the electric vehicles do not need a transmission. Lower insurance premium, lower consumption costs: regarding the electricity price of 0,23 €/kWh we talk about only 3 cent/km, no carbon footprint when the vehicle is in operation, little noise development, 100% recyclable, especially with lithium polymer batteries.

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Mitsubishi has launched the first electric vehicle in large-batch production. It is possible to also order the i-Miev from Mola Solar Systems GmbH.


The electric vehicle that weighs only 1.110 kg and has a lengths of 3,40m is equipped with a permanent magnetised synchronous motor and measures 49Kw (67ps) on the streets. The cruising radius of the European version is in case of a fully charged battery short of 150km. For the battery system lithium-ion and the most important electric components as electric motor and inverters, Mitsubishi gives a guarantee of five years. Actually, the i-Miev was turned upside down by the ADAC car test and was trailed by 2 crash- simulations and a cutting edge practice by the fire brigade.